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Salt and Pepper Shakers 1Stainless Steel

No Brand
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Product Specification of Salt and Pepper Shakers 1Stainless Steel

  • SKU:927
  • Brand:No Brand
  • What’s in the box:1x Spice Container 1Pcs
  • Weight:0.6 KG

Product info of Salt and Pepper Shakers 1Stainless Steel

Salt and Pepper Shakers 1/3/6Pcs Spice Containers Shaker Three Holes Square Rotating with Adjustable Pour Holes Salt Shakers Stainless Steel with Clear Glass Bottom- 3 ADJUSTABLE POUR HOLES: According to your requirements, you can choose 3 different sizes of holes, gently turning the top allow you to sprinkle or pour out or even block the vent if you don't use it. Perfect for Himalayan, Kosher and Sea Salts, black pepper, chilli peppers, chipolte pepper flakes, or any other spices. SIMPLE AND ELEGANT DESIGN: This salt & pepper shaker set made from high quality glass & stainless steel. Clear glass body highlights contents and indicates when it is time to refill. Help to verify when shakers are getting low, avoiding the hassle of constantly removing the cap, also makes you easily see what's inside, never make wrong decisions in the kitchen again. EASY REFILLING WITH NO MESSES: The top easily screws off revealing a wide opening for easy and mess free refills. Designed with every home in mind, we are sure to give you a classically chic aesthetic which can complement any kitchen décor, perfect for home kitchens and restaurant tables. PREMIUM SPICE SHAKER: Standing about 3.8 inches tall and holding 4 ounces of spices, You can use it at all of your meal times with friends and family. We guarantee that you'll be glad to recommend this item to anyone looking for a new inexpensive practical salt and pepper shakers. Perfect for home kitchen and restaurant tables.

Product Details of Salt and Pepper Shakers 1Stainless Steel

Product Review of Salt and Pepper Shakers 1Stainless Steel

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