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Lime & Lemon Peel Powder (100g)

No Brand
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Product Specification of Lime & Lemon Peel Powder (100g)

A beauty product to try at home. Lime and lemon peel powder is naturally obtained from Lime and Lemon, and It does not contain any artificial ingredients. Lime and Lemon peel is a rich source of vitamin C. This comes as a powder. So it is easy to use.
  • SKU:20221224202652
  • Brand:No Brand
  • What’s in the box:1 x Lime & Lemon Peel Powder - 100g
  • Weight:0.1 KG

Product info of Lime & Lemon Peel Powder (100g)

Lemon and Lime Peel are rich in Vitamin C, an essential Anti-Oxidant, that refreshes the skin and offers deep cleansing. Lemo has an astringent effect on skin leaving the skin fresh and clean.  Lemon and lime peel powder is an excellent herb For Skin Vitality, It can be used for Teeth whitening when rubbed with a pinch of salt. Lemon and Lime Peel Powder can be used along with Fullers Earth to make Vitamin C enriched natural face pack for the face. Colour of the product – As this product comes from natural Lime and Lemon, it takes its natural colour. No, any artificial colour presents in Lime and Lemon Peel Powder.

Product Details of Lime & Lemon Peel Powder (100g)

Product Review of Lime & Lemon Peel Powder (100g)

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