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Infrared Thermometer

No Brand
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Product Specification of Infrared Thermometer

  • SKU:LH133-01
  • Brand:No Brand
  • What’s in the box:1 Set
  • Weight:1 KG

Product info of Infrared Thermometer

  • Quick measurement of temperature: Measurement time of around 1 second
  • Simple to use: calculation of one button, quick to run.
  • Non-contact: Measuring the human body’s forehead, not touching human skin.
  • Service life: fitted with two 7th battery parts (not included), can be used more than 100,000 times, product life > 3 million times,
  • Measuring distance: within 3~10CM it can be adapted, no need to repair the measuring distance.
  • Large screen monitor: large-screen LCD display, white backlight, it is possible to see some light clearly.
  • Temperature Warning: Free to adjust the temperature of the warning
  • Storage data: Store 32 measurement data, easy to evaluate the comparison of references
  • Changes in the configuration: You can adjust the configuration parameters to suit the various races (white, black, yellow, etc.)
  • Unit conversion: Use Celsius degrees, conversion to Fahrenheit
  • Measuring range: Calculation of body temperature from 32 degrees to 42.9 degrees Celsius
  • Precision of measurement: variance of + /- 0.2 degrees Celsius

Product Details of Infrared Thermometer

Product Review of Infrared Thermometer

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