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Product Specification of 14/350MM REGULA T.BAR

  • SKU:20230828094026
  • Brand:SeePower
  • What’s in the box:1 x unit
  • Weight:2 KG

Product info of 14/350MM REGULA T.BAR

14/350MM REGULA T.BAR 25inch solid chromed steel •HEAVY-DUTY STEEL -PLATED CONSTRUCTION ¨C Built for weightlifting, Dumbbell Handles boast a high-quality steel construction reinforced with Steel plating. The Steel plating resists corrosion and prevents materials from sticking to the bar.These dumbbell handles have knurling hand grips to reduce slipping during weight lifting exercises and have threaded handles. •VERSATILE - Dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises. Due to their size and versatility, they can be used to create a variety of movement patterns to develop task or movement specific strength. •VERSATILE STRENGTH TRAINING: Our high-quality weightlifting accessories are designed for professionals and novice weightlifters. They can be used in personal home gyms for workouts on your schedule, or in commercial fitness clubs.Offer larger room for adding more weight plates and increase challenge, great for both beginners and intermediate users.

Product Details of 14/350MM REGULA T.BAR

Product Review of 14/350MM REGULA T.BAR

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Congratulations! You are in the right spot to buy the 14/350MM REGULA T.BAR. This is the best place to buy the 14/350MM REGULA T.BAR for the best price in Sri Lanka. Tudo.LK is the only Sri Lankan multi-vendor marketplace that operates to serve the best customer service. Your 14/350MM REGULA T.BAR is listed by the Sri Lankan sellers and will ship from Sri Lanka. You can contact our 24/7 Hotline 0712 666 666 at any time to get details about the 14/350MM REGULA T.BAR. Your purchase is protected with Tudo Buyer Protection, and you can select our Secure Transaction methods such as Visa/Master and Amex Payments which to purchase the 14/350MM REGULA T.BAR. Or you can select COD as your payment method.

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